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You know what I miss?

So a couple of months ago I made the switch to a gluten-free life. For the most part I've gotten used to living off almonds and eggs and Greek yogurt. I know, I know, there are zillions of gluten-free options. But I'm lazy. The thing I miss the most is bread. Every option I've tried has tasted an awful lot like cardboard (yes, I have tasted actual cardboard so I know what I'm talking about) and is so dry it can't be swallowed without the aid of an oscene amount of water or wine or coffee or whatever slippery liquid happens to be handy.

And then I met this gorgeous sandwich at Geno's. Yes, it was meaty — kind of like someone had slid a slab of the world's most tasty meatloaf on the plate. But what was even better? The fact that the slab was nesteled within the most moist, most flavorful bread I've had since March. OMG. I forced my gluten-friendly lunch partner into a taste test. We both agreed … gluten-free for the win.

Get yours at Geno's, 1414 N. Hamilton, in the Gonzaga District.