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Meat is good food

So here's the deal. When I grocery shop I rarely buy red meat; when I do it's something mundane, like a pound of extra lean ground beef that I'll brown up for burritos or everybody's favorite … tater tot casserole. Steak? Ribs? Tenderloin? Nope. Because I'm clueless. I don't know how to cook it. Meaning: I don't know what temperature ensures we won't die of undercooked meat poisoning so I stick with other protein sources, like eggs and fish and chocolate.

This is not to say I don't crave the occasional slab of meat. Especially when it's been cooked to perfection over the coals (or wood or whatever one uses to slow roast meaty ribs and such). Especially when it's coated in an almost-crusty layer of baked-on BBQ sauce. Especially when it's brought to the table piping hot with piles of handmade sides like beans and slaw. Especially when it's from the Red Lion BBQ & Pub

On this particular evening, we were three … me and two meat-loving dudes. We ordered the Super Combo, which gives you the choice of three meats (pork tenderloin, beef tri-tip, ribs, chicken, salmon), fried bread, onion rings and a couple other sides (we did the beans and the slaw). There was plenty to go around.

Messy, meaty, goodness. 

You'll find the Red Lion BBQ & Pub at N. 126 Division, downtown at the corner of Division and Main.