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The Magic Kingdom is pricey … duh

You can go to Disneyland (or Disney World) as many times in your life as you can afford. But you can go for the first time only once. And when you do, it's best either to be a child or be with a child. And I was with two of them when we battled the crowds in Anaheim to ride with Dumbo, meet a bevy of princesses, tour the Jungle Cruise, eat overpriced hot dogs (and cotton candy), not to mention meet Mickey and Minnie in all their splendor.

The two tickets above cost a total of $187, for one adult and one 4-year-old (the near-2-year-old was free). After I found a defibrillator, I pulled out my American Express card, gulped and proceeded to hand it over. And a good time was had by all.

After our nine-hour adventure, we were already making plans for next year. Or maybe the year after that. It'll take me that long to pay off my Amex so that I can load it up again.

Thanks, Walt. I know you died relatively young. Now I know why.