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Final day of Restaurant Week was tasty, indeed

Spokane Restaurant Week is over. But I didn't let it go without enjoying it at least twice (I'd have gone more, but these days I'm not working on anyone's expense account but my own). Still, I was able to hit Central Food a week ago. And today we dropped by the Twigs Bistro and Martini Bar in River Park Square. The result in the the above photo: three different three-course dinners, each for $18.

At top is a Petite TNT Coulotte (which followed a Cajun calamari soup). To the right is Pepper Salmon (followed by a toasted pecan Caesar salad). And at the bottom is a Light Pesto Margherita Chicken (again, was preceded by a toasted pecan Caesar salad). Things ended with one cream brulee and two strawberry rhubarb crunches for dessert.

Yow. Can't wait for next year.