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Everyone says this is one fine burger

Cruisers Burgers & More, which you'll find at the food court of River Park Square, employs one of those cute methods of self-promotion. "We could say 'Spokane's best burgers,' " the online site says, "but they all say that." Get it? The business itself doesn't have to say it's the best because everyone else does. Clever.

Well, as you can see from the above photo, the place does serve a decent burger. And if you get two of them, and combo them up, you can still get away with spending just less than $15. Not bad.

Of course, I seldom go to River Park Square just for the food. It's almost always in conjunction with seeing a movie. The day my brother and I ate our cheeseburgers, we had just come from seeing "Much Ado About Nothing," Joss Whedon's production of the Shakespeare comedy.

Done in black and white, shot over 12 days and starring several regulars from Whedon's various television shows (including Nathan Fillion and Sean Maher from "Firefly," Alexis Denisof from "Angel"), "Much Ado About Nothing" is a refreshing, modern update. It may even be superior to Kenneth Branagh's 1993 version.

But I don't have to say that. Everyone else does.