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For a good breakfast, head east young eater

Always on the look for a new breakfast place, I drove out to the Spokane Valley this morning. My destination: Terry's Breakfast & Lunch, which sits on Trent Ave. just a few blocks west of Argonne Road. And I'm glad I did.

Two things I liked about Terry's. One, the waitress was friendly in a way that was jokey but not precious. She didn't call either my brother or me "sweetie" or "hon," which I find irritating, but she kept up a ready patter of minor insults that left us both smiling. Two, my eggs were cooked exactly the way I like them (over well, by which I mean almost hard but not broken — directions that so many fry cooks just can't follow).

Plus, my hashbrowns had a good taste of gravy (even though no gravy was in sight), instead of the greasy taste many breakfast places serve. And the coffee, though hardly gourmet, was strong and hot.

My brother had no complaints about his french toast, either. Especially after I agreed to share my bacon. Maybe some dad you know will enjoy his bacon this Sunday at Terry's.

My advice: Order extra.