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A good morning’s walk … with clubs in hand

Nothing like spending a Thursday morning on the golf course, especially when that course is Indian Canyon, and you can get right on, you don't feel pressed and the weather is cool yet sunny. We even got to see a female coyote and two of her pups as we finished the 18th hole.

Anyway, that was how my morning went, which is one of the benefits of living in Spokane (during the summer months, at least). Afterward, my friend Jim took me to one of his secret haunts — which, sorry, but will remain secret no longer. Lindeblad & Mengert Golf is a store that offers great deals (such as the one trumpeted by the sidewalk sandwich board in the above photo) and friendly help.

I even bought a new putter, which was listed for $29 but cost me only $25.

Not that it will help my game any. That coyote could probably play better than I can.