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In Florence, a late lunch means Ribollita

One of my favorite eateries in Florence, Italy, is Trattoria ZaZa — which, this visit, was barely a block and a half from the apartment we had rented. But then one of our friends recommended another, nearby restaurant, Trattoria Da Garibardi. So on one of my last days in Florence, we dropped in for a late lunch.

So, in the photo above you see, starting from the top left, insalata Caprese and fried sage (a house specialty); in the middle, bruschetta (which you pronounce "broos-ketta") Toscana; and at the bottom, my bowl of Ribollita soup (a traditional Tuscan soup made from leftovers, especially dried bread).

It was exquisite, by the way. Think I'm gonna try my hand at making my own home-made Ribollita.