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The heat isn’t going to get this Flying Goat

What with all the heat lately, I find mysef getting into arguments with people over the preparation of food.

Q.: What am I supposed to do with a load of Brussels sprouts that I picked up in Costco? A. Douse them in olive oil, cover them in coarse salt, broil them until they're crispy and then eat them like popcorn. Q.: Really? But it's TOO HOT! A. Uhhhhhhhhh… freeze them and thaw them out in January?

And so on. My recommendation? Head over to Flying Goat Pizza. Order any one of their many selections, plus a refreshingly cool salad of some sort, and wash it all down with a libation that — depending on the time of day and your mood — could contain alcohol. Or not. (The above photo is of a pizza margherita and the remains of a Palisades Chef salad.)

Oh, and be brave. Sit outside. The porch area is shaded, and a breeze usually blows through. It's the perfect place to enjoy what's left of this glorious Inland Northwest summer.

Plus to argue about what to do with all those left-over Brussels sprouts.