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Get a good smoothie at Huckleberry’s

Juices and smoothies aren't for everybody. Especially when they're used as substitutes for actual meals. But if you want a whole range of juices — or maybe even a smoothie with soy or whey protein — you might want to try the restaurant at Huckleberry's.

As you can see from the photo above, the special juice today was apple, celery and spinach. I, however … hmmmm, opted for a berry smoothie. With whey powder.

And then I went home and downed a couple of cups of coffee. And some yogurt. With walnuts. And craisins. And fresh blueberries. And sliced apples. And then a lemon tart. And shortly afterward, some wheat toast. With sliced ham (thinly sliced). And Muenster cheese. And more coffee.

And tonight? Pork chops with yams and salad (with bleu cheese dressing). And a couple of glasses of Sauvignon Blanc.

Nothing, though, tasted better than that smoothie.