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Best of Broadway brings a bit of the Big Apple

Years ago, when I was entertainment editor for The Spokesman-Review, I was approached by a group wanting publicity for a series of events they planned on bringing to Spokane. That was nothing unusual. Everyone is always looking to publicize some event or other.

This one, though, was to be special. It was the precursor to what has become a regular occurrence in Spokane: The Best of Broadway series that brings road shows of popular musicals to the city every year.

Though it might be preferable to see the shows in a bigger city — New York, where many enjoy their premieres — it's far more convenient to see them in Spokane, which allows at least some of us to see professional-quality productions and still get home as soon as 20 minutes after the curtain closes.

(During a recent visit to New York, we took in a Louis CK comedy show in Staten Island, and it took us nearly that long to walk back to where we'd parked the car. And then another hour's drive back to Brooklyn. Just saying.)

Anyway, the Best of Broadway lineup for 2013-2014 is pretty much what you'd expect: "Anything Goes," "Million Dollar Quartet," "Hello Dolly!" (with Sally Struthers), "Sister Act" and "Wicked." Click here for ticket info.

I was going to close this post by saying something such as "It's just like being in New York." But I couldn't get my fingers to work I was laughing so hard. So let's just say this much: It's something like being in New York … but without the traffic, of course.