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Enjoy some kind of burger on July 4th

So, yesterday I posted a photo of a Costco hot dog. Today being July 4th, I had a few choices. A photo of my mom (no), a photo or an apple pie (better, but no), a photo of a flag (seems like a waste of blog space when so many are flying in public, so no) or a photo of something to eat that's just as Amercian as a hot dog.

And what's more traditionally American than a hamburger? I mean, yeah, this is the new America, where even in Spokane you can get Asian food that isn't merely chicken chow mein and Mexican means much more than Taco Bell or Señor Froggy. Still, on this day in particular you're likely going to find thousands of burgers grilling across the Inland Northwest.

The one pictured above is a bacon cheeseburger from Hogan's Diner. And while it was my brother who ordered it (I preferred to have breakfast for lunch), he reported that it tasted every bit as scrumptious as it looks.

Happy birthday, America. Think maybe I'll have Thai for dinner.