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Yam chips just the thing to ward off the chill

I've given up complaining about the cold. Wait, that's a lie. I just figure that, until I find a way to spend January through March on the Big Island of Hawaii, complaining isn't going to do me much good.

So I'll just find places where I can order something to warm my insides almost as much as the Kona sun. One thing I found while eating lunch at the Manito Tap House were Yam Chips. You order them plain, which is delicious enough, or you can order them "loaded … with ancho chile salt, dipping sauce made with bleu cheese, hickory-smoked bacon & green onions." You can even order them vegetarian and even vegan, if you want.

The Manito Tap House is a favorite haunt of Tricia Jo, who seemingly has never met a drink she isn't on a first-name basis with. I, though, am still feeling the effects of the overimbibing I did during my 20s and 30s, so I opt for good food. Which is why at lunch, with our chowder, chicken caesar salad and Cannon Park French Dip, we ordered a sample of the chips.

The above bowl was gone within seconds. Next time, I'm going to order them "loaded." And as I devour them, I'll imagine that white stuff on my lawn is the sand on a warm Kona beach. Mahalo, haoles.