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Wild Sage has food tastier than my photos can show

I'm not sure it's an issue here yet, but New Yorkers for some time have been debating the practice of foodies photographing the dishes they are served in restaurants. Some chefs actually have banned the practice.

I can see at least one reason why. The photo above, which is of a tapas appetizer served four of us on Saturday night at Wild Sage Bistro, doesn't look nearly as tasty as it turned out to be. So the question becomes, do I find other ways of capturing the food I write about? Or do I continue to use my iPhone to record the dishes that I tend to recommend?

Let me just repeat the old saw, there's no such thing as bad publicity. I'll go further and say that if I choose to write about an eatery, I'm already making the critical choice of suggesting that eatery is worth checking out. Those that aren't worth checking out, I tend to ignore.

And now let me state that the appetizers picture above, as well as the entrees — including two plates of cioppino, two other rice or pasta dishes with sea food — went down well. And the service was superb, even if we were sitting next to a party of a dozen, which didn't prevent our food from arriving in a timely manner.

Yeah, I'm no Jesse Tinsley. So go to Wild Sage and see for yourself whether I'm worth trusting at least as much as Leslie Kelly.