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Raw fish (and popcorn chicken) rouses the appetite

Nothing like frigid temperatures to rouse one's taste for … sushi? Yeah, that's what I thought when my wife, who was going through one of her shopping phases, told me to go check out the menu at Sushi Maru, which sits in River Park Square.

To my shame, I'd never been in the place. In fact, I'd never done anything but pass by the location since The Sawtooth Grill — one of my favorite hamburger joints — closed in 2010. But I was ready for the challenge: raw fish on a chilly night.

Only, of course, I avoided the raw fish. Sushi Maru offers any number of alternatives: seaweed salad (far more delicious than it sounds), popcorn chicken bits, cucumber salad, potstickers, seared (not raw) tuna — all of which I pulled from the belt of goodies that rotated by me. My wife did try some eel and raw tuna and judged it tasty, too.

Though we were tempted to keep reaching for other dishes, we showed uncommon discretion. And the whole thing cost us around $25, including nonalcoholic drinks.

To which I can only say, domo arigato.