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Princess Pop


Last week, while enjoying lunch with the Spokane7.com crew at O'Doherty's (you can read about the Dan's first foray with the food of my people here — should I be offended that he's always so quick to share that we are not related?), I noticed a big blue glass with the RC logo sitting on the table. Before I even got a "Hey, guys!" out of my mouth I asked, "Do they really serve RC Cola up in here?" As most of you know, O'Doherty's is a fave of mine, and I am quite familiar with their food menu. But our recent visit proved that I need to expand my knowledge of their beverage offerings (they serve more than Guinness and Jameson, who knew?).

Let me tell you why this soda pop discovery is such a big deal in my world. Back in the day when soda came in bottles instead of cans (yes, young ones, such days did exist) RC Cola was my go-to beverage. I remember hot summer days spent sitting between Grandpa and Grandma Webster (affectionately known to those who loved them as Whip and Honey) on a comfy old Ford benchseat as we made our way across the dusty back roads of Montana. This was also back in the day when AC wasn't the most common thing on the planet, so they'd crack their respective windows enough to create a cross breeze but not enough to create a cab-sized dustbowl. After what seemed like a heavenly forever, Grandma would reach down to the cooler on the floor, fish around and pull out an ice-cold bottle of refreshment. She'd place the bottle on the back of my neck, then after I'd stopped giggling from the giddy coolness, she'd pop open the shiny cap and present me with a Princess Pop (Royal Crown, get it?). These days usually ended with a feast of homemade pasties — and with me thanking my lucky stars for such simple life pleasures.

So when I saw that big blue glass festooned with a logo from my childhood, well, I nearly swooned with delight. My delight morphed into a very important conversation about all the local establishments that served this syrupy sweet, dark nectar. Sadly, our list was painfully short: O'Doherty's, Domini's (in the can), and Capone's (in Post Falls). So, friends, I ask you: Where else can a girl find herself a Princess Pop?