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Crisp prosciutto wins out in this personal battle

When you're caught up in a shopping frenzy, as my wife occasionally is, it's easy to forget about food. Which is why I so appreciate the Nordstrom Marketplace Cafe. It gives my wife a reason to pause … and catch up on some good nutritious meals.

And unlike many other eateries, Nordstrom's version even has its own chef. And, as you can see from the photo above, he (in this case it indeed is a he) oversees daily specials. When we dropped in the other day, the specialty salad was a Chicken, Blue Cheese and Crisp Prosciutto Salad, which my wife ordered. I ordered off the menu, a salad with chicken, apple and goat cheese. We ended up switching halfway through, and I enjoyed both.

And at that point, her appetite satiated, my wife agreed to go home. To paraphrase a famous movie line, "I love the smell of Crisp Prosciutto in the morning. … It smells like … vic'try."