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Enjoy a bit of Butte in downtown Spokane

I've never eaten a Butte Pasty. I'd never even heard of one before lunch last Wednesday at O'Doherty's. But this was a working lunch for the Spokane7.com crew, and Tricia Jo (no relation, folks) was there. And she was adamant: Butte Pasty was on the menu (spelled Pastie), so I HAD TO order the Butte Pasty.

First of all, you pronounce Pasty with a short "a," as in "fast." Second, what you get is a kind of turnover, filled with chucks of beef and potato, with the whole thing drowned in beef gravy. On top of that, Tricia Jo squirted what looked like an ocean of ketchup.

And let me tell you the thing was tasty. I couldn't believe how good it was.

Just look at that smile on Tricia Jo's face. Kind of says it all, eh?