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Get ready for a Spokane7.com limericks contest

Around us the world seems in sad shape,

Bad news fills the Internet landscape.

But good’s on the horizon,

Like free phones from Verizon:

In limericks we’ll find means to escape.

I didn’t write the above limerick just for kicks. It’s to make a point.

For years, I oversaw an annual Limericks Contest for the print edition of The Spokesman-Review. My former features editor Kathleen Coleman, looking for ways to get some reader response, suggested I run such a contest tied to Saint Patrick’s Day. Seemed like a natural fit.

And from the beginning, in 1998, it was a hit. In 2004 alone, we attracted 371 entrants from all parts of the country who entered a total of 716 entries – many of which were terrific. Here is limericist Jim Cranford’s winning entry:

Two Bulldogs, quite passionate for b-ball,

In March, bore a child - a real she-doll;

With their surname of Christie

(The first name in mystery)

Mom and Dad named her Zag-atha Be-Tall.

OK, maybe we were showing a bit of Gonzaga bias. Sue us. Here’s the thing: We’re reviving the contest, only on this Web site. We are going to hold the inaugural Spokane7.com Limericks Contest.

In virtually every way it will be similar to the old contest. We’ll tie it to Saint Patrick’s Day. It will require correct limericks form (you'll find some direction here). And, as always, we will feature an Inland Northwest-based theme – and we’ll be offering prizes.

Details to come. Stay tuned.