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New host for guilty pleasure ‘Dual Survival’

Forgive the irony of my posting about a television show under the category "Outdoors & Recreation." But fans of the Discovery Channel show "Dual Survival" get the "best" of both worlds: They get to watch about outdoor survival from the comfort of their own homes.

"Dual Survival" is only one of a number of survival shows. "Man Vs. Wild" stars Bear Grylls. "Survivorman" stars Les Stroud. "Man, Woman, Wild" stars the husband-wife team Mykel and Ruth Hawke. But of them all, "Dual Survival" may be the most entertaining — if only because of the mismatched duo of Cody Lundin (who refuses to wear shoes, even in the snow) and Dave Canterbury.

Lundin comes across as a latter-day hippie, while Canterbury is cast as the ex-military sniper and survival expert. As they say, opposites attract.

But even as Discovery is competing against football on New Year's Day by running a "Dual Survival" marathon, it seems Canterbury has been replaced. I can't find any real word why, though some have complained that Canterbury fudged his credentials.

Anyway, as the series begins its third season (with a special one-hour special airing today), a new host will fill the ex-military role: Joseph Teti.

Be interesting to see if he's as much of a backwoods caveman as Canterbury.