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For good coffee, go north to Maple Street Bistro

I don't go north of the Garland District a lot. Other than, from time to time, to gas up at the North Side Costco. But I had occasion to get coffee at the Maple Street Bistro on Saturday morning, and it ended up being a great way to start the day.

First, it was easy to find, being located just past the intersection of Maple and Rowan. Second, the interior was inviting, there being plenty of seats available at just before 10. Third, the staff was friendly, giving me what I ordered — 16-oz. americano, double cup, extra room — with nothing but a smile. And, fourth, the coffee drink, which came quickly enough, was … well, if not perfect then fairly close.

I didn't take advantage of the baked goods, though they looked scrumptious. But I will next time.

And, yeah, that next time will come soon enough.