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Bad limerick: Even Bigfoot could do better


Here's another reminder that we've reinstituted the annual limericks contest. You can find the rules here. But to find a rather simple example of what we're looking for, check out the following:

The bear lurked behind the canoe

Considering just what he would do

When Bigfoot showed up

And drank from his cup

Before he began to count coup.

So, OK, it's not very good. It's bad, in fact. Nonsensical and illogical. Why is the bear lurking? What is in the cup that Bigfoot is drinking from? And why would he ever count coup? Isn't that something, say, Qualchan would do?

Stylistically and thematically, though, ithe limerick is just what we're looking for. And now go ahead and show us that you can do better. Because you know you can.

Deadline is March 1.