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New faces but the Sipz of espresso still good

For a couple of years, I drove my cat Miranda across town to get treatment for a declining kidney condition. I loved that time, even though Miranda eventually died — so it goes — because it was time we could spend together. And because she trusted that I would do what I could for her.

After Miranda would undergo her treatment, I would drive down 57th to the coffee spot — Timeout on 57th — that sat just east of Regal. And the baristas there would say hi to my intrepid cat while pulling my traditional americano.

Miranda has been gone since February 2011, and I stopped going to the vet — and stopped dropping by Timeout of 57th to get coffee. Imagine my surprise, then, when on a recent whim I did stop there and found that it was now called Sipz, the only online reference to which involved a spot in the Spokane Valley. And that the baristas who had cooed over Miranda were no longer around. (I made a couple of phone calls to see what was behind the change but could reach no one.)

Anyway, Hillary (I think that's how she said to spell her name) and Tori (that IS how I was told to spell it) were there. And the americano they pulled for me was every bit as drinkable as in the past. So the change, at least on first visit, was satisfactory.

I just wish Miranda had been there to enjoy it, too.