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Artisan Fire loves SpIFF … and vice versa

If you missed the party that accompanied Friday's opening night of the 15th Spokane International Film Festival, you missed the many trays of pizza that party-goers were able to munch on. No problem, though. Because even though you'll now have to pay for your own pizzas, you can eat as many as you want — and not have to worry about sharing with a bunch of movie-goers.

All you have to do is go downtown to Fire Artisan Pizza, which has added its Coeur d'Alene location by opening up in the space once occupied by Moxie. The new place, which boasts an atmosphere that feels warm and inviting — especially so to those of us tired of winter — offers a wide variety of imaginative pizzas. Not just pepperoni but pies made with gorgonzola cheese, dates, olive oil and balsamic. Pies with fennel sausage, salami and bacon, and mozzarella. Pies with barbecue sauce, roasted chicken, Kansas City bacon and provolone. And on and on.

Pictured in the photo above is restaurant manager Chris Watkins, who helped lug boxes of pizzas up and down the stairs to the Simply Dance Studio (where the opening-night party was held). He didn't even break a sweat.

Probably all that nutritious pizza he has access to.