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Coffee goes with anything at Junior’s in Brooklyn

I just returned from a two-week vacation, eight days of which were spent in Delhi, India (photos below). The rest was spent in New York, mostly in the Clinton Hill neighborhood of Brooklyn, and finally in York, Pa.

It was in Brooklyn that we ran into a bit of New York history, which I read in a newspaper clipping tacked on the wall of Junior's, a restaurant that dates to 1950 (at least under that name). We ate twice at Junior's, which is famous for a cheesecake that is advertised as "The World's Most Fabulous Cheesecake." As the New York Times reported in 1997, "One can now, for example, buy a slice in Southern California, in the cafes in Bloomingdale's new stores there and in Bloomingdale's throughout the Northeast."

In fact, according the the clipping, the restaurant's trademark dessert is so popular that when the eatery caught fire in 1981, the New Yorkers who watched the firefighters chanted the following: "Save the cheesecake, save the cheesecake."

Sounds like something out of a movie, right? Definitely a New York moment.

By the way, I'd have posted a picture of the cheesecake, but it disappeared before I could get my camera out. So you'll have to settle for the coffee I drank instead.