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Of Zombies, ‘Star Trek’ and seeing double

When I was a kid, double features were the norm. It was common even to enjoy triple features, particularly Friday nights at the drive-in — which is how I became familiar with the work of Herschell Gordon Lewis and the early Wes Craven.

But since the 1980s, when drive-ins started disappearing and downtown movie palaces began giving way to smaller-screen suburban multi-screen houses, the double feature has gone the way of eight-track cassettes. These days, double features are as rare as a discounted iPad.

Except for the coming week at AMC River Park Square. Beginning Friday, the downtown theater is going to run "Star Trek Into Darkness" and "World War Z" as an old-school double feature (the shows have to be seen back-to-back and can't be spread over two days). While I'm not a giant fan of either film, each has its qualities. And if you haven't seen them, this is the perfect opportunity.

And here's some good advice: Best use of money is to buy the matinee for "World War Z" and stay for "Star Trek." Your GA price for the two flicks: $8.75. 

Oh, and if you go, welcome to the past.