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Some Pig Out vendors don’t live up to their name

First review of Pig Out at the Park: It's everything you've experienced in the past. And maybe even more so.

Or less, depending on what kind of food you order. My wife and I walked around Riverfront Park tonight, listening to the music (what might have been Big Hair Revolution singing "I Love Rock N Roll") and trying to find something to eat. It wasn't hard, what with the 40-odd vendors servicing the event.

I opted for Asian food, while my wife went for a catfish dinner (not the Po Boy sandwich). We both paid $8, and I had more food than I could finish. She, though, ended up with a couple of smallish fillets and two teensy hushpuppies. Her report: "It was delicious, but it's not exactly the place where you'd want to take your high-school football team." Meaning, however good the food was, it didn't live up to the event's name.

Which, as you recall, is Pig Out.