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On Wednesday we all get to Pig Out in the Park

Not everything comes as advertised. For example, television is full of ads that make going to a casino look pretty much like one big happy orgy. It's as if you've stumbled onto your most idealized version of a combo birthday party/New Year's Eve celebration. With all your best friends, dressed out of a Versace catalog, dancing and singing and celebrating with more style than three Heidi Klums.

The truth, of course, is something just slightly different.

Sometimes, though, event planners are honest. And even what they call their pet projects gives you a perfect idea of what to expect. Such is the case with Spokane's annual Pig Out in the Park.

This year's event is much like the 33 that preceded it (Pig Out debuted in 1979), though it's grown over the years in about every way possible. It began with 28 food vendors but in 2013 features almost double that number (47 in 50-plus booths). This year some 100 concerts will be held in various sites throughout Riverfront Park, including The Zombies (featuring two of the original cofounders, Rod Argent and Colin Blunstone) on Friday and The Spin Doctors on Sunday.

And to top things off, Pig Out — as it always has been — features free admission. That makes it — wait for it — a sure entertainment bet.