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While it’s still warm, eat outside at the Two Seven

This warm, and I have to add perfect, weather isn't going to last forever. Which is why everyone I know is getting outside as much as he or she can. For many, that means going to the lake. For others, that means going on a hike. For some, it just means eating lunch or dinner under an umbrella.

One day last week, my wife and I took our lunch at the Two Seven Public House, which sits at the very northwest corner of the Lincoln Heights Shopping Center. And not only did we get to eat outside (only two tables were occupied in the whole place), we found ourselves virtually alone.

On top of that, our sandwiches arrived quickly enough, my Arnold Palmer was refilled without my asking and — all in all — the whole experience was economic and pleasant. In any event, it was just what we needed.

We ended up enjoying one of those afternoons I will think about — perhaps even dream about — in January when the only use for an umbrella will be to scrape the snow off my windshield.