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Boots gives healthy a touch of taste

For reasons I won't go into (boring), I was a vegetarian for some 35 years. And for 29 of those years, I lived in Spokane. This was not easy back in the 1980s when ordering a chili relleno might mean biting into a slab of meat hidden underneath the chili and breading — the explanation being that "people around here like meat with their meals."

I ate a lot of salads in those days.

These days are much easier for vegetarians, even those who go that one step further into veganhood. They're especially easy because of places such as the Boots Bakery & Lounge, which offers baked treats that are delicious and tasty. Stuff that's not only vegan but also gluten-free.

I used to live on an old farm that had been turned into a free school. The people there were all vegetarians, though at the time (always the contrarian) I was not. And while some of the stuff they cooked was tasty, the baking they did tended to taste like cardboard. This is NOT the kind of baking that Boots offers.

See that photo up there? That's of a no-bake chocolate cookie and a gluten-free carrot cake muffin. I had both, and both were some of the best baked goods I've had since before Mount St. Helens blew (which was about three and a half months after I moved here). If you don't believe me and want to take a pass, rest assured Boots offers more traditional stuff. And on Wednesday through Saturday, it stays open until 10 and offers a range of cocktails.

So you really can't go wrong there. If nothing else, check it out for history's sake. And as you bite into one of those healthy baked items, don't worry. The only meat you're likely to find stuffed inside is what you brought with you.