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A steak & bake to take the cake

So there we were, bellied up to the bar, soaking in the 6-hour Happy Hour (that's not a typo) when we realized we'd sat long enough to bump into dinnertime. So I ordered the $10 steak & bake (the menu said it was the best in town so how could I not?). Now, I know there's a general rule to steer clear of a $10 dinner that includes a steak because you just don't think the Universe owes you that big of a kindness. But you're feeling lucky so you order it, hoping your voracious hunger is solid enough to trump the inevitable shoe-leather texture and utter lack of flavor. And then the plate comes out and there it is … the Holy Grail of cheap eats. As in, you can cut the steak with a fork, and it's so juicy you have to ask for extra napkins. Oh, and it comes with a baked potato topped with all the oh-so-good bad-for-you-stuff.

As if a 6-hour Happy Hour could get any better. Get your happy on at Andy's, on the corner of First and Cedar.