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Here is your next screenplay: Spider Invasion!

I've spent most of my moviegoing life watching horror films. From low-rent slasher flicks to those directed by filmakers of higher status, I've watched them all - including the most recent remake of "Evil Dead." But nothing, and I mean nothing, scares me as much as the four and a half minutes of video that I have embedded below. Not movies about giant spiders nor spider invasions. This, instead, is the real thing.

It happened, apparently, last February in Brazil (you can hear the videographer and others speaking Portuguese). Go here to learn more both about this spider invasion and a number of giant animals that may be making their way to your back yard.

Regardless, I will be having nightmares tonight. It's a good bet that someone in Hollywood is trying to think of a way to exploit this very arachnophobia in a way yet unseen in the movies. Good luck. That's one movie I won't be seeing.