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If you can’t visit Auckland, Jenny’s will do

OK, you're not likely to be heading to Auckland, New Zealand, any time soon. But if you are, you should pay attention to the food blog written by Delaney Mes. It's called Heartbreak Pie, and along with the occasional recipe and meal suggestion, Delaney points out good eateries from her region.

Personally, I'd love to jump on a plane and check her suggestions out in person. But … my travel budget is so shot it's relegating me, in essence, to places I can walk to.

Except for when my friend Jim picks me up for Saturday-morning breakfast. We spent last Saturday eating, as we often do, at Jenny's Diner. My two-egg omelet with hashbrowns and sour-dough toast was just the thing to start off my day.

Would have tasted better in Auckland, though. Just saying.

Above: The harbor view of Auckland, New Zealand.