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Coffee carousal

It's no secret that I love long weekend escapes to Portland and Seattle. Ask my bank account and it's no secret that a long weekend isn't in the cards for me anytime soon.

Lucky for me, this morning I discovered Revel 77. Designed by the prolifically talented HDG, this place is bright and clean and filled with caffeine. Simple and refined with a healthy heap of cool? Yes. The kind of place where you can open up your laptop and work the morning away? Doing that right now, with plenty of elbow room, fantastic tunes and an eclectic lineup of coffee fiends passing by. A place that makes you proud of the place Spokane is becoming (without the Portland price tag)? Most certainly. 

They're super keen on keeping things close to home, so you'll get lots of local flavors including coffee from roasters you know and milk from cows they know by name. That's how you keep it real and delicious. 

You'll find Revel 77 at 3223 E. 57th, Suite K (it's the spot at the end of the row with walls of windows).