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El Que sits behind The Elk … nudge-nudge, wink-wink

"Have you ever tried El Que?" my friend Dennis asked. I heard, of course, "Have you ever tried LK?" So I replied, "Uh, no. What is that?"

It took only a couple of seconds for me to realize that Dennis was referring to the teensy little Browne's Addition spot that sits behind The Elk, in the spot that Cabin Coffee one stood. "Oh, yeah, that place," I then said. "And no, I have never even been in there."

So I agreed to meet him there last night at 5:30. Which is how we came to order some pretty decent Mexican food. I picked up my brother, who - same as I - cut his teeth on Mexican food in San Diego at places such as Fidel's and Tony's Jacal. He ordered a simple quesadilla, Dennis a combo trio of shrimp tacos, while I opted for the chile relleno combo (pictured above).

The place features a whole range of "infused" tequilas, among them "beet; pineapple, vanilla and brown sugar; orange and cinnamon; and pineapple habanero." But I was with a couple of non-drinkers, both of whom ordered Cokes, so I opted for a Corona.

And a good time was had by all. Viva la comida mexicana!