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Discounts are out there waiting for you

OK, this is more 'food" than actual "dining." Unless by "dining" you mean eating as cheaply as possible. And for those who are on a fixed income, that's usually the kind of dining that is most apt. It's those folks who are most likely to look for the best deals, especially for lunch. And I discovered just what that meant Tuesday afternoon when, taking my brother to lunch, we dropped by the Arby's on Third Avenue.

My brother opted for a chicken-sandwich combo, while I settled for the classic roast beef and cheddar. Hardly health food, I recognize. But tasty? No question.

And when the sweet young worker totaled up the bill, she asked me all smiles, "Do you have any discounts? Military? Senior?" I smiled. "Well, yeah," I said. "Uh, look at us. Senior." That's how we got $2 knocked off our bill.

If you've gonna cop to the age, you need to take advantage of the benefits that come with it.