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For a big BIG screen, don’t neglect the IMAX

While skulking around Riverfront Park's Ice Palace on Sunday night, looking for a curling class that - we learned only after the fact - had been canceled, I was reminded of another one of Spokane's treasures: the IMAX Theatre. I didn't have time to take in a flick, but I did notice that four different movies were playing: The feature-length culmination of Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy, "The Dark Knight Rises"; and three nature shorts "Rescue," "Tornado Alley" and "To the Arctic."

I've neglected the IMAX for a while now, which is my bad. The fact that I can't park right next to it, and that I feel uncomfortable walking through the park at night, has something to do with it. But it's also laziness. So I need to fix that. And soon. After all, this is "true" IMAX, with a giant (53 feet wide, 69 feet tall) screen and a superb sound system. And they replaced those old, hard orange seats years ago.

Maybe I need to check out the Batman one last time.