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No time like oatmeal time for breakfast/lunch

My brother and I had just finished filling my car up at the North Division Costco when I suggested we have lunch. Because we grew up in a house where the best meal of the day was breakfast, I was intrigued by the place sitting right across the street - the Old European Breakfast House. So there we went.

OK, it was 12:20. But the place was open until 2, so we went in. The menu offered far more than just breakfast, of course. It even boasted goulash. So my brother ordered an avocado-bacon burger, which you can see in the photo above.

I, though, wanted breakfast. So I opted for oatmeal - yes, oatmeal - with nuts and raisins, blueberries and brown sugar. That, along with some drinkable coffee, made my day.

Oh, by the way, my brother will turn 60 next month. And he's my younger brother. And I swear we were among the youngest people in the room. From what I could see, though, I was the only one eating oatmeal.

Hey, I had to do something to fit in.