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Happy feet

In 1999 I celebrated my first winter as a girl with a big kid job (I was a copywriter at The Spokesman-Review) by buying myself a fantastic pair of almost-knee-high black leather Franco Sarto riding boots. Since then I've been on the hunt for another pair of similar style.

You see, I have this thing about dressy knee-high boots: I don't like 'em with zippers. I've looked locally, online and in catalogs. I've scoured vintage stores and department stores. Tonight on my way home I popped into the Goodwill on Second in search of an ugly Christmas sweater. Guess what I found instead? That's right… a pair of like-new almost-knee-high zipperless black leather Franco Sarto boots, this time with a funky wedge heel. For only $9.99! Thank you, Universe, I needed that.