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Time for a taste of Africa

We hadn't seen our friends Megan and Greg for a while, so I was happy to spend Saturday night in their company. We even let them choose where we would eat. And I'm glad for that, because they took us to a place I had yet to try, the Ethiopian eatery Queen of Sheba, which sits on the ground floor of the Flour Mill.

We started with an order of Ethiopian Style Sweet Potato Fries, which tasted like they had the barest touch of cinnamon. My wife and I followed with house salads (deliciously vinegary), while Megan and Greg opted for salads that combined beets with potatoes, inions and chili peppers.

Then came the entrees: a chicken dish, a beef dish and two vegetarian dishes (lentils and split peas), all of which came in one big bowl lined with a large pakcake of bread called "Injera." And that's how we ate, using pieces of the injera to scoop the food with. Untensils were available (we used forks for our salads, for example). But using injera is traditional for the main dishes.

I didn't take a photo because I thought the video embedded below gave a much better idea of what the food looks like. You'll need to go in person, though, to discover how good it tastes.