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This one will keep the vampires away �

And it will make any mortal who steps within a 5-foot radius of your breathing space think twice about getting any closer.

Oh yeah, the Roasted Garlic Burger at Northern Lights Brewing Company doesn’t mess around. Big fat burger, caramelized onions, loads of cheese (I chose a creamy Havarti) and at least a dozen cloves of roasted garlic.

If you share a bed or other small space with someone, this meal is best eaten by both of you. Otherwise one person will walk around oozing a heady garlic scent for two days and the other person will feel the need to continually squawk about the fact that in another life you were a fire breathing dragon.

This one, my friends, is worth the ridicule.

northern lights garlic burgEr

You'll find Northern Lights at 1003 E. Trent.

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