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Hot little hipsters. And hummus.

So there we were, tucked into a corner table at Jones Radiator — four grrrls in the midst of wine, food and a catch up sesh. A few other tables were occupied by twos and fours, all in pursuit of a mid-week break from reality.

Our table was filled with the vestiges of cheap, fresh, tasty grub — seriously cheap, as in a couple of PB&Js for $2. We went the wrap route … Mac & Balls, Thai Chicken and a no-chicken Thai Chicken, for $6 or $7. All the plates came with a beautiful array of crispy carrots and celery, and plenty of creamy hummus. And the generously poured wine was washing it all down with a face-warming tingle.

Then bow chicka wow wow the DJ started in on a hot mix of gritty funk and the room filled up with shaggy beards, careless hair, tatty flannel and brand new TOMS. As the four of us shimmied in our seats, we surveyed the crowd and came to a giddy realization — the guy-to-girl ratio was something like 7-to-1. It was a meat market — for the ladies! As a permanently attached person with a son just a scosche younger than the guys swilling beer at my elbows this mathematical phenomena meant little to me — but if you’re youngish and single it’s game on.

Concrete floors, exposed brick walls and various repurposed auto parts give the space a vibe as eclectic as the crowd. Apparently there’s an impressive microbrew list and live music many nights — both of which I will undoubtedly have to become acquainted with. There’s a mug club for super fans and the parking is free (although if you are a youngish single lady, I seriously recommend a friendly escort to your car door if you’re leaving after dark — it’s all part of the charm for this hipster hot spot at the edge of downtown).

jones radiator

You'll find Jones Radiator at 120 E. Sprague, just east of the railroad trestle at Division. Blink and you'll miss it. Don't blink.

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