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Sunshine, in a glass

You know how sometimes it's too hot to cook? Wednesday was one of those nights at our house. So we headed out, in search of dinner on a sunshiny patio.

Our trek brought us to Palenque’s in Liberty Lake. The restaurant is perched above Trailhead golf course and the patio affords a lovely view of the greens below. Plus, sometimes, it affords a lovely view of some guy getting pissed off and hucking his club at a tree – dinner AND a show!

The service here is super friendly and attentive – as in, on this particular evening we had four different staff members stop by our table to make sure we were sufficiently hydrated (with water … we’d snagged the only table on the patio that was still in full-sun). Plus the waiters tend to keep you on your toes by using English on one pass, then tossing out a few Spanish phrases the next. We usually have fun playing interpreter – “Did he just ask me if my panties are in a bunch?” “Yes. And he may also have asked if you’d like more tequila in your margarita.”

One of our dinner companions is known for her hot-stuff tolerance – she’s earned a place on Flaming Joe’s Wall of Flame more than once. So Eric decided it’d be a great idea to ask for some spicier salsa. Our waiter was like, “How spicy? Spicy spicy?” And I was like, “Yes! Spicy spicy!”

He came back to the table with a bowl of fire. We all put on a brave face for Elana, but after two dipped chips Eric and I were diluting the spicy spicy with the bland bland stuff that came to the table originally.

Let me just say, I have never been happier to have an icy margarita within reach.


You'll find Palenque Mexican Restaurant at 1102 N. Liberty Lake Road, at the top of Trailhead Golf Course

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