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Real men shop on Christmas Eve

It's true. If you leave all your shopping until the last minute, fate will provide. That and Andy and Kris Dinnison. Which is why I stopped by Atticus this morning and managed to find the perfect gift for one of my family members. It's "The Bayou Trilogy," a series of novelas by Daniel Woodrell, author of "Winter's Bone." Woodrell is one of those authors who work is both poignant and painful, centered on a part of American society that most of us drive by without half a thought.

I probably could have found "The Bayou Trilogy" at any bookstore (Auntie's is just down the street). But Atticus made it easy. And besides, you can fuel up on some good 4 Seasons Coffee. It's open until 4:30 p.m. today, as is the Dinnison's other business, Boo Radley's, so if you do need a last-minute gift, go for it.

You're not likely to find "The Bayou Trilogy." I think I purchased the last copy. Just saying.