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When the simple stuff’s done right, you don’t need anything else.

Sometimes all a girl needs is a salad drenched in Bleu Cheese dressing and a tuna melt done right. Found just what I was looking for at the Ferg. The bread on this tuna melt was like Texas toast – totally worth the bloat afterward.


It’d been about a year since I’d slid into a booth at this Garland neighborhood diner. When I finally made time to stop by a few days ago I was pleasantly surprised by the changes that have taken place. The important stuff’s the same – service, prices and food are all excellent – but everything’s been perked up with a fresh coat of buttery sunshiny yellow and the space feels refreshed.


Next time I’m going in for a famous Ferguson's breakfast. I hear there’s sometimes a wait, but I’m sure I’ll be able to find something to keep me busy until a table opens up. I hear there’s another new bar a few doors down …  

ferg tuna

You'll find Ferguson's Cafe at 804 W. Garland.

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